Human Pheromones

Human Pheromones

New Pheromone Additive

Posted by on July 1, 2012 at 5:40 PM

NPA for women has made its presence known. This extremely powerful pheromone additive is about five times more powerful than the former additive, PA that was being used. This is why caution should be used. NPA is an additive for use with your favorite brand of perfume.

Pheromone Additive is More Powerful than Before Using NPA for women by itself is an option but it is recommended that you mix it with a perfume. The use of this pheromone additive by itself can arouse a sense of intimidation in the males you are around. Although the additive is manufactured for both men and women, the women's formula seems to be a little more powerful than the men's are. The pheromone comes with an eyedropper for measuring the right amount to mix with your perfume. You should only use a drop or two.

More than this and you proceed at your own risk. Included in the list of top 10 pheromones, NPA for women will surprise you when you wear it. The line will be long when it comes to men waiting to spend time with you. This additive has been proven to attract the opposite sex. This is one reason for the recommendation of mixing it with your perfume.

Pheromones are Natural The presence of pheromones in humans and animals has been the subject of study for many years. The results that are shown by stimulating the opposite sex with the use of pheromones are amazing. They may have some effects that include a dominant factor. This is why when NPA for women is used around men that you know there may a little sense of intimidation. Not all men quite know how to deal with this emotion but one thing they know for certain is they are attracted to you. There may be a few moments of asserting their dominance among themselves because this is the way men act when competing for a woman. This is a normal reaction in the male species. It is the alpha-male factor showing itself. When you use NPA for women, you will feel attractive and men will find you irresistible.

There are many types of pheromones in humans and animals. This is what the opposite sex uses to make a connection with the female and vice versa. The basis for many studies to see how the pheromone, androstenone works is ongoing. Although much is known about these attractors, it is not known exactly how they work. NPA for women makes use of the natural pheromones as well as the additive to increase the aggression and dominant factors. Actually, NPA for women is a little stronger than the same product for men.

NPA for women also contains two other secret ingredients that are not being disclosed by the manufacturer. Because of the ingredients and the power of the pheromones that have been added, the reaction you will get if using this product alone can be much more dramatic. This is one additive that you will have to test for yourself and see what it can do for your social life.

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